aseEnglish Language Education and Research Communication for Business and Economics

Comunicare în limba engleză pentru predare şi cercetare economică



This programme has brought together professionals with an interest in improving their English language and communication skills, their teaching and research methodology. Thus, our network of alumni includes:

·        academics of various specialisations (e.g. business management, micro-economics, marketing, agri-business, finance, accounting, cybernetics, but also engineering, mathematics, economic geography, history, etc.) already teaching or interested to teach their subject through the medium of English

·        researchers interested in the programme's interdisciplinary dimension and in improving their English language and communication competencies for publishing research outcomes internationally and for participation in international projects

·        philology graduates teaching English for business and economics (or with an interest in ESP teaching and research)

·        graduates of various specialisations with an interest in the programme objectives and components, e.g. a medical doctor, engineers, sociologists.