aseEnglish Language Education and Research Communication for Business and Economics

Comunicare în limba engleză pentru predare şi cercetare economică


Programme content

1st Year - 1st Semester

English Language Development for Business and Economics (2 sub-groups)

Teaching and learning in English: improving communication and methodological competencies

Teaching and Assessing Critical Thinking Skills

Integrating Practice and Research: Methodology and Instruments

Requirements and advanced communication skills in a professional context

Effective writing for publication of research outcomes at international standards

1st Year - 2nd Semester

Language and Communication Development for International Business and Economics (2 sub-groups)

Creative Thinking in Business and Economics

Research Methodology in Social Sciences – focus on Qualitative Analysis

Research Methodology: Quantitative Analysis

Educational management: methodological & practical aspects

Intercultural aspects of communication in a professional context

2nd Year - 1st Semester


Language and communication development for international business and economics

Transnational challenges and strategic perspectives for Romania - Interdisciplinary approaches

International requirements of academic writing

Quality assurance in education at European standards

Genre and discourse analysis in interdisciplinary research

Evaluation and self-evaluation methodology in economic Higher Education


2nd Year - 2nd Semester


Research seminar

Design, management and evaluation of national and international research projects

Peer observation, practice oriented projects

Research project and writing the Master dissertation