aseEnglish Language Education and Research Communication for Business and Economics

Comunicare în limba engleză pentru predare şi cercetare economică



This interdisciplinary Master programme is designed to facilitate personal professional improvement, while contributing to institutional developments and quality assurance, integrating the research and educational dimensions, in accordance with the latest international practice in higher education.

Main Aims

The programme sets out to contribute to the development of integrated competencies in the following areas

·        communication in English for academic purposes and for a variety of international professional settings, integrating language and culture

·        research practice, with a focus on project design, methodological aspects and related communication skills for presenting and publishing research outcomes internationally

·        teaching and evaluation practice, so as to facilitate student learning, with special reference (but not limited) to Higher Education for business and economics

Alumni perspectives

The mission of EDURES’ is to provide students with an exposure to innovative and creative ways of teaching, researching, learning, and self-evaluation, all wrapped up in a unique group experience. The programme offers responses and solutions to the changing requirements of academic quality, tailoring its content on the needs of students.

The learning process in EDURES is based on creativty and innovation. While finding a strong work ethic focused on content and skill development, students are encouraged to critically analyze issues that may help them in their research and teaching practice. The programme concentrates on leveraging key competencies in areas such as Communication in English, Research Practice, and Teaching Methodology.

This goal is pursued with the help of teaching staff with relevant international experience, always open to discuss and debate ideas and real case situations with students. Moreover, the programme brings in international experts and alumni as contributors to sessions. While doing so, the goals of „Theory into practice” and „Peer-communication” are kept in mind: students are encouraged to apply what they learn in class to their own teaching and research experiences, and then share the results with their peers.

EDURES places the learning experience at the core of the programme. Therefore, the quality culture in teaching and learning is combined with a series of traditions aiming at creating a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere for students, such as The Christmas Party. Getting to know people is one of the unwritten aims of EDURES, which, after all, is a big family, with students, lecturers, alumni, and other stakeholders all coming together to provide an unforgettable experience. Therefore, this programme also provides a framework for networking: developing friendly, professional relations with colleagues of various specializations and consolidating fruitful partnerships, leading to joint projects participation in internationl events and collaboration on publications.

The programme is relevant for a wide academic audience, but not only. Every person aspiring to improve his or her English communication skills is welcome to join the group. The sense of belonging developed during the years helps non-academics easily integrate, and the topicality of themes addressed ensures the programme's relevance for a large audience.